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Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador Wanted

We are looking for lovely little ones to help us promote our brand!

To enter

✔️ We’re looking for fabulous mums or dads with their little ones who have an active Instagram account with 1000+ followers

✔️Follow us and tag another parent in the Instagram comments who might be interested in our ambassador scheme

✔️Happy for us to use your photos on our platforms



🎯 Share your parenting and styling philosophy with our followers on Instagram

🎯 One story on Instagram of your little one in AIMAMA outfits tagging us

🎯 One post on Instagram of your little one in AIMAMA outfits sharing your discount code and tagging us

🎯 DM on Instagram us three high quality photos that we can use to feature you


🌟 Two free outfits

🌟 15% off entire store throughout the ambassador scheme period

🌟 Personalised 15% off code to share with friends, family and followers

🌟 One free outfit for every 10 orders using your personalised code

🌟 One free outfit for every 5 stories or posts of yours that we feature on Instagram

🌟 Feature on AIMAMA Instagram to help increase exposure to your account 

🌟 Keep all exclusive rewards while the ambassador scheme is active


The ambassador scheme lasts one month, the codes will be reviewed after this time frame.

To remain in the scheme:

🎯Be active in our stories and posts

🎯One post and one story of your little one in AIMAMA outfits tagging us each month

🎯DM us one photo each month

Reminders & Tips

💡Email us if you have any questions, we’re always happy to discuss

💡The more you post, the more likely people will see and use your code

💡The more photos you send us, the more likely you will be featured

💡We get loads of lovely photos, so please bear with us while we make the hard decision on who to feature